Guide to Visa Process/Travel to Tokyo

Visa Process

Complete Questionnaire Form for Visa Support and provide copy of passport.
Receive “Certificate for Completion of Registration to the ERFS system”

Assemble Visa Application to Enter Japan (including Guarantor details), Passport Photo, ERFS Certificate, Copy of Drivers License, Release of Liability form (if passport is being mailed), return envelope (if passport is being mailed)
Provide to Japan Embassy

Receive Visa.

Before you leave for Japan

Within 72 hours of departure, have Rapid-PCR test with negative result. Upload to airline Complete the Japan Quarantine Questionnaire and upload to airline.
Also save copy of Quarantine QR code for use if needed on landing

Install MySoS App
https://www.hco.mhlw.go.jp/fasttrack/en/ for details
Once you have your PCR Results complete the following in MySoS

Questionnaire WEB
Vaccination Certificate
Test result from PCR

Within 24 hours of uploading this, your MySoS screen should display Blue, indicating that all necessary steps have been completed.
Take to airport

Passport w/ Visa
ERFS Certificate
Covid Test Results
Cell phone with completed MySoS application.

Covid-19 Test if needed for return

Disembarking from the plane

Important note: there is currently a 2 tiered disembarkation protocol from airplanes as transfers are routed through a different path than Tokyo-bound travelers and only one path is open at a time.
Follow signs and display your MySoS Application screen to be routed down the correct aisle Continue down aisle and show app and passport when prompted, receive piece of paper Continue and show QR code from MySoS and passport. Receive color card Walk all the way back, go to immigration Queues for foreign and domestic passengers are currently combined into one line and limited staff are on duty, leading to very slow progress through immigration.
Once immigration is cleared, pick up baggage and clear customs.

Leaving the station from Narita Airport

If desired, exchange cash and the follow signs for JR Trains.

Purchase ticket at JR East Travel

(There are multiple JR East Travel Booths and automated machines. You can also show your passport to purchase a “round trip” ticket that costs considerably less than individual tickets. The round trip ticket is valid for a train ride back to the airport within 14 days of purchase)

Purchase Ticket(s)

Follow signs to train

Take train to Tokyo station. Exit the station(Keep going up and up and up) and find a taxi! It's probably a good idea to bring a printout of the address you want to go to show the taxi driver.