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Workshop: Big Ideas in Energy

Speaker: Prof. Adonis Yatchew, University of Toronto
Editor-in-Chief, The Energy Journal

Date :
Sunday, 31 July, 15:30 ~17:30 (Tokyo Time)
Format :
ZOOM Webinar
Description :

As the world lurches into an energy transition, geopolitics has reclaimed center stage. How does one begin to develop an understanding of energy issues in a world faced by multiple global challenges?

This workshop assembles a handful of ideas that are foundational to appreciating the complexities of today's energy issues. Drawing on history, economics, politics and geopolitics the workshop outlines a series of simple narratives which provide a basis for thinking about these energy challenges.

Learning Outcomes :

Participants will consider and evaluate a few big ideas on energy which form the core of this workshop. The session will briefly explore questions such as:

  • How has the war in Ukraine altered the global energy transition?
  • How do long-term political trends affect energy policy and regulation?
  • How does one think about the proper role of government in energy markets?
  • What kinds of incentives are effective in driving innovation?
Target Participants :
  • Students working on energy-related topics (not limited to PhD candidates)
  • Young energy professionals
Format :
ZOOM Webinar
※Registered attendees will receive instructions on how to participate in the webinar at a later.
Fee :
IAEE Tokyo Participants: Free
Registration :

Deadline for registration: 25 July 2022

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