Complimentary Programs

Tokyo Metropolitan Government will offer the following cultural programs for your meeting during lunch breaks.
The programs will be provided for all foreign delegates to welcome them to Tokyo.

Offered programs

  1. “Chigiri-e” traditional Japanese paper collage art
  2. “Ori-gami” Japanese paper craft
Date 1st session 2nd session
Mon, August 1 12:20-12:50 13:00-13:30
Chigiri-e” traditional Japanese paper collage art (20 persons)
Tue, August 2 12:20-12:50 13:00-13:30
“Ori-gami” Japanese paper craft (20 persons)
Wed, August 3 12:20-12:50 13:00-13:30
“Ori-gami” Japanese paper craft (20 persons)

These programs will be offered 2 times a day with a maximum of 20 participants per session.

”Chigiri-e” traditional Japanese paper collage art

Chigiri-e is a collage of traditional Japanese paper. This paper is called “Washi.” “Washi” dates back to ancient times and was made by craftsmen who endured extremely cold winters to carefully create sheets of washi. You can make a beautiful picture by tearing off pieces of colorful washi, and attaching them to a card with glue. It is quick and easy for anybody to create a vibrant piece of paper art. Please create a unique Chigiri-e souvenir to remember your trip by.

”Ori-gami” Japanese paper craft

Ori-gami, literally meaning “folding paper”, is a traditional Japanese art. It is the art of transforming a flat square sheet of paper into a finished sculpture. You can create almost anything with ori-gami, from a simple airplane to flowers and animals. The most popular ori-gami is probably the Japanese crane, which you may have seen before.
At the venue, you can make a colorful and original ori-gami using traditional Japanese paper called chiyogami.

How to join

Please come to room 3B on the 3rd floor. We recommend you arrive in good time to avoid disappointment as the cultural program is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.
The staff in Japanese “happi” gowns will help you if you have any questions about the cultural programs.

Participants of the complimentary programs above may be photographed/filmed by an authorized photographer/cameraman for the purpose of our records and future promotion of Tokyo. By joining these programs, you agree that your image may be used in full / in part and distributed for the above-mentioned purposes.